Joan Furia Klutch
  Painter, Printmaker, Teacher & Ceramic Artist

Artwork on Paper

E Time
(Mix Media 30 x 37)

The Patriot
(Mix Media 24 x 27)


Rose Mist

Florentine Letters

Blues I

Shadows & Reflections II

Blues II

Coastal Illusions
(Mix media 27 x 25)

Florentine Dream
(Mix media 25 x 25)

Tribute to Georgia O Keefe and Diebenkorn,
(Pencil & transfer 22 x 18)

Katrina SOS
(Mix media 22 x 30)

(Acrylic 22 x 30)

Nothing is Less Real Than Realism
(Mix Media 22 x 30)

Freestyle O
(Mix media on Yupo paper 26 x 33)

Let's Not Go
(22 x 30)

(Mix media on Yupo Paper, Triptych 78 x 40)

Insight With Heart
(78 x 40 Acrylic on Yupo Paper Triptych) 

Ceramics Top of Page Artwork on Canvas


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