Joan Furia Klutch
  Painter, Printmaker, Teacher & Ceramic Artist


Exploring and Expanding the Creative Self
Art in the Hamptons with Joan Klutch AWS.

With an emphasis on exploration in materials and techniques, you will find freedom to express your true self within your paintings during this hands-on, guided workshop.

With a strong belief in content, composition, and craftsmanship, Joan Klutch has spent a lifetime immersing herself in her exploration of art. Klutch's love of flowers and landscape was brought forward in her earlier work with an integration of organic and geometric forms. Her ability to create with watercolor has been a driving force with the achievement of signature membership in the American Watercolor Society since 1985. In recent years her focus has shifted toward abstraction, with an emphasis on experimental practices using calligraphic line and mark making. Joan is a true believer of continual exploration with a variety of materials, surfaces, and techniques, as you will see throughout her workshop. She embraces the spontaneous flow of pigments and use of various materials to create effects allowing for a sense of play. Joan's work shows a careful balance between restlessness and poetic movement. She pulls her inspiration from the natural beauty of her surroundings, as well as many artists of the past, such as Turner and O’Keeffe for their vibrant use of color, as well as Motherwell for his expressive action and Diebenkorn's geometry.

Throughout her workshop you will be encouraged to explore your creative self using the principles and elements of design. You will explore materials, which include, but are not limited to: watermedia, drawing tools, collage, layering colors, building textures, etc. Bring your favorite colors, materials, and an open mind. Enjoy small group camaraderie and individual critique. All levels welcome.


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North Bay Lane Studio - East Hampton, New York

July 18,19 & 20, 2022
9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


Limited Size Classes

Limited to approximately 8 students, each workshop combines step-by-step demonstrations that incorporate watercolor techniques, design and skill strengthening.

Color Theory and Relationship

Setting up the palette, learning to mix the colors, understanding color value and their relationships are emphasized.

Painting Techniques

Wet on wet, dry on dry, pouring, blotting, splattering and others are discussed in detail.

Masking Techniques

Learn the importance of using the paper as white highlights/shadows and painting negative and positive spaces.

Watermedia and Collage

Use Japanese rice paper, natural materials, paints and inks to create vivid multimedia watercolor.


Experience this wonderful medium that produces a single color print.

Solar Printing and Collage

Using photo sensitive etching plates, learn to print multiple prints and integrate into mix media larger formats.

Tricks of the Trade

Sketching, Glazing, Salt, Plastic Wrap and other texture techniques that assist the artist in achieving specialized effects.

Individual, Private Critique

Students are encouraged to bring in their work for a private, one on one critique.

The Class

A relaxing and informal studio atmosphere allows the group to support one another to enjoy watercolor and camaraderie.



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